Hi. I am Emma, and I am really glad to start this blog sharing my thought and experience with you.

I am from China, but I study at Lake Forest Academy in US, which is an amazing school with a very beautiful campus. I have met many wonderful people here.

I like ceramics. I have made many pots so far. I threw them on the wheel and painted them with colorful underglaze and glaze. They can actually be used as appliances in the kitchen, but currently, many of them are used as plant pots for my mom, who likes plants decorating our apartment.

I like running. I am a cross country runner at school, Although I am not a fast runner, I am a passionate runner.

I like music. I like both Chinese and English songs. Listening to them makes me an efficient and energetic student.

I like movies and TV series as well. I like Despicable Me very much, and minions are my favorite cartoon characters. Also, I have watched every episode of Criminal Minds, which is my favorite TV series. Dr. Reid, who knows everything, is my favorite character in it.

I like traveling as well. I have been to many different places in China and also other countries. I will share many of my trips in this blog.

Finally, I hope you enjoy reading my blog.


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