Nostalgia: The Honorable Veteran

It was a summer morning last year when an old man in his 80’s named Ye was reading under the roof beside the village trail at Fangjiahetou Village. On his left was a steelyard, while on his right was a basket of spiral shells, which he collected in the morning. At the beginning of 1950s, his sharp instincts allowed him to find the spies in the army, destroying a secret service of more than a hundred people. Thus, he was awarded Individual Second Class Merit. Later, when the transmitter-receiver that the Kuomintang hid in Zhoushan did not work anymore, Ye found six people from Taiwan trying to fix it secretly at night. He reported what he found to the army and caught them easily. He received Individual Second Class Merit again and caught the eye of Mao Zedong, who sent him to study in Nanjing Military School. After retiring from active military service, Ye served as a secretary of the town. (Fangjiahetou Village, Cixi)


This is one of my favorite images in the photography exhibition in the past summer. I am amused by the attractive life story of this veteran. I could not even imagine that there would be a veteran respected with such a big honor in the village in Ningbo before. From the second picture of him telling his stories, the viewers could truly feel how proud he is when talking about his life.


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