An Overview of Figures in the Village

With a long history of thousands of years, the Fangjiahetou Village is still full of characteristics in the most natural way. Wandering in the old village, I see it as a huge stage with the villagers as actors and actresses.

  1. Gossiping


2. A busy lady on the paved pathIMG_1008

3. A villager with his tricycle walking on the bank of a streamIMG_1009

4. A villager riding his motorcycleIMG_1010

5. A lady carefully washing her dishesIMG_1011

6. An old lady wobbling downstairsIMG_1012

7. An old man selling eggsIMG_1013

8. Visiting her neighborsIMG_1014

9. Clearing his ears at the barber’sIMG_1015

10. Washing dishes in front of her own houseIMG_1016

11. A man carrying shoots of bamboo to the markets for saleIMG_1017

12. Munching potatoesIMG_1018


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