Embracing the Beauty of Nature: Dad’s Road on Recording Life


My dad has been interested in being a part-time photographer for a long time. Previously, he was too busy to get a nice camera and start his own way of recording the beauty of life. When I was still in middle school in China, he spent most of his time on weekend working and taking care of me; therefore, he did not have a lot of time to do what he really wanted to do in his spare time.

Things changed the year I went studying abroad. When I am not at home anymore, my dad takes his time going hiking on every weekend. He usually visits the villages in the rural areas in Ningbo, taking pictures of the nature, especially the landscape. He has recorded the lakes, mountains, forests…

He also takes time taking classes on photographing and participating in the discussions in the group chat where experts like to discuss how to take good pictures. He also does readings on how to get the best lighting and framing while taking time considering other’s famous works.

As his skills improve, I really see the nature in a different way, in a more colorful way with a focus on certain parts with his camera. Although I might have been to the places where the pictures are taken before,  I have never seen the world around me in such beautiful way!



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